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Finding Long-Term Relief: Allergy Treatments

Most allergic reactions result in mild symptoms that include sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, headaches, sore throat, cough, watery eyes, itching or rashes. Allergies can be year round or seasonal and only cause reactions during certain times of the year. These allergies can be affected by the weather.

Once your condition is observed and diagnosed by your ENT, and if allergies are the primary cause of your issues, your treatment plan may include either allergy shots (immunotherapy) or allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy - SLIT).

What are Allergy drops and allergy shots?

  • Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy)

    Immunotherapy, administered through regular shots (1-3 times a week), helps your body adapt to small amounts of the allergens your body reacts to. Over time, your body adjusts, and reactions to those allergens reduce and can disappear. Immunotherapy can be an effective treatment for allergies, but is not a treatment for food-related allergies.

  • Allergy Drops

    Allergy drops are sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). They are an alternative to allergy shots that can be taken pain-free at home. Drops are placed under the tongue and left to sit for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Similar to allergy drops, over the course of months or years, your reactions to allergens can reduce and subside with consistent treatment.

Allergy and skin testing

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Don’t settle for an ineffective test that won’t bring you long-term relief. Partner with Dr. Manish Khanna, Dr. Stephen Wall, and Lauren Willis, PA-C to ensure you’re receiving the care you want and need from allergy and ENT specialists that will develop a plan that can help you move past your sinus condition.

what our ENT patients are saying...

Run don't walk to see Dr. Khanna. Hands down one of the best doctors ever!

- L.S.

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I like how Dr. Wall explains things and gives me the knowledge to take care of myself (rather than just diagnose and treat!)

- M.P.

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Dr. Khanna is an excellent doctor. He is highly skilled and professional.

- K in Alexandria, VA

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Really liked him, great bedside manner, very personal, caring, direct and informative. Takes time to explain everything and options. Would highly recommend him.

-  Patient

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Dr. Wall was courteous, professional, and understanding. I immediately felt at ease and confident in his knowledge and skill.

- J.S.

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Dr. Khanna has excellent bedside manners and he listens. He goes out of his way to assist his patients. He is honest with his patients if he has to make referral.

-  Patient

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Dr. Khanna is intelligent, respectful and genuine. He's always up-to-date on the latest medical breakthroughs. Me, my husband and daughter are all patients of Dr. Khanna, and always will be.

- B.A.

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I came in with an unending sore throat, and was in to see the Doctor and left with a diagnosis in record time. Dr. Khanna and his staff were professional and efficient. I will definitely come back if I have any other sinus issues and highly recommend.

- S.S.

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Dr. Stephen Wall was so professional, friendly, and fast. Great experience.

- M.H.

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