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Find Your Long-Term Relief and
Treatment For Sinusitis

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a common inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. Healthy sinuses are filled with air. But when they become blocked and fill with fluid, this can cause germs to grow and cause infections. The pain and discomfort caused by sinusitis can make every day a struggle. From breathing problems to headaches, it takes the joy away from all life’s pleasures. When you suffer from sinus pressure it becomes difficult to sleep and eat.

Some cases of sinusitis can subside over time on their own or respond to antibiotics. Were you prescribed antibiotics and over-the-counter medications without improvement? Have you been suffering without any sign of permanent relief? If so, you might be suffering from chronic or recurrent sinusitis. If so, treatment is necessary to protect your health, well-being, and happiness.

At Capitol Breathe Free, you will get a unique treatment plan to help you overcome your sinusitis. To find the solution that will put an end to your sinusitis, schedule your appointment or continue reading about sinus infection treatments below.

Sinusitis treatment options

Chronic and recurrent sinusitis can prevent you from being able to breathe out of your nose and have the energy, sleep, and health you need and deserve. This affects your personal and professional life. To put an end to this frustrating cycle, you need professional sinusitis treatment from an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor.

Schedule an appointment with your ENT if you have had several sinus infections. If an infection is still present after 10 days, or if previous treatments have not been helpful, Capitol Breathe Free is your partner in combating these symptoms. Schedule your appointment today.

How To Overcome Chronic or Recurrent Sinusitis with Effective Treatment

how to relieve sinus pressure

If you are struggling with sinusitis, then you want sinus pressure relief. It is important to look at all your options to find out which solution works for you. Your options for treatment will depend on the type of sinusitis you suffer from (acute, recurrent, chronic, allergic) and what form of treatment will best work with your body.

Capitol Breathe Free helps sinusitis sufferers in Washington overcome chronic and recurrent sinus infections with appropriate and effective treatment. Treatment options may include the following:


Often the first stop for most patients is the sinus aisle at the local pharmacy. But, over-the-counter (OTC) medications often do not provide real symptom relief. There are so many options to choose from and it can be very difficult to understand exactly which product treats your specific symptoms. OTC sinus pressure medicine contains unnecessary ingredients and may have side effects or interactions with other medications. 

There may be times when medication is your only option and certain pharmaceuticals may provide short-term relief. Before you take any medications to treat your sinus pressure, be sure you know what you are taking and how it works.

Natural Home Remedies as Treatment for Sinusitis

When sinus pressure has you down, you may have no other option than to turn toward a home remedy. There are natural solutions to help relieve sinus pain and pressure. Some of these solutions are very simple lifestyle adjustments and others are things that you can do at home to achieve temporary relief. Home remedies that work include:

  • Steam or Cool Mist Humidifiers: Steam is one of the most effective tools to open blockages and reduce pressure. It is important to use and clean humidifiers to be safe and get the maximum benefit. 
  • Neti Pot or Sinus Rinse: These very effective tools clean out the sinus cavity, but must be used very carefully to avoid further damage or increased infection. Be sure to read and follow all of the instructions on all neti pot and sinus rinse products.
  • Warm or Cold Compress: Applying warm or cold packs to the sinus area will help reduce pain and may reduce inflammation. 
  • Stay hydrated: It may seem simple, but a lack of fluid will contribute to your sinus problems. It is important to drink enough water to stay hydrated. 

Sinus Surgery

If you suffer from long-lasting or frequent sinus infections, then you may think that the only long-term solution is sinus surgery. Surgical solutions are available, but they are only necessary for very specific situations. For most sinus sufferers, even those who suffer frequent severe infections, there are alternatives to surgery. Here are some of the most common surgical solutions and the specific sinus problems that they address:

  • Deviated Septum Surgery: This is a solution for those who have an irregular shape to the cartilage that separates the two nasal passages. It is common for people to have a deviated septum, but most do not cause symptoms to the degree where surgery is required. 
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Sinus surgery is sometimes required when there is a physical plumbing problem in the nose. Sinus surgery is not the primary solution for most patients suffering from sinus pressure. The professionals at Capitol Breathe Free will help guide you through all of the best alternatives before surgery is considered.

Balloon Sinuplasty: A safe and effective Sinusitis treatment

Sinus surgery is not the only option for long-term sinus pressure relief. Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive alternative to surgery that can be done from the comfort of the office and get you back to enjoying all that life has to offer. This safe and effective procedure does not involve cutting or removing bone or tissue. Imagine all the benefits of a real solution without discomfort, long recovery, or excessive bleeding.

Unlike sinus medications, sinuplasty addresses the root cause of your sinus pressure by cleaning out the sinus cavity and restoring normal flow. This procedure simply inserts a tiny balloon through the nose and into the sinus cavity. The sinus cavity will be open and clean, allowing you to breathe easily again. With balloon sinuplasty, you can enjoy smelling, tasting, sleeping, and avoiding sinus pressure and headaches.

We understand that when the pressure sets in, you can’t enjoy all that life has to offer. You miss work, hobbies, and priceless time is taken away from friends and family. We work hard to restore your sinuses and help you avoid the risk of surgery and medications. Sinusitis relief is a top priority for the entire team at Capitol Breathe Free. 

Learn more about Balloon Sinuplasty

are you having trouble with your sinus symptoms?

There are treatment options for Sinusitis! Which one will be best for you? Find out by scheduling an appointment.

You've suffered for years with recurring sinus infections. The stuffy nose, bad breath, congestion, pain, and pressure don't seem to go away. You're out of options for relief on your own. Time for a change! Evaluate your symptoms to find out if you're a candidate for a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, which greatly reduces the suffering experienced by chronic sinusitis patients.

Say goodbye to sinusitis and hello to relief! If you suffer from persistent sinusitis, ask Dr. Khanna if a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty might be right for you.

IN OFFICE ct scanning

CT Scanning

If Dr. Khanna needs a CT scan to identify specific nasal or sinus structures, we can perform a scan conveniently during your visit.  Unlike other medical offices, Capitol Breathe Free Sinus and Allergy Centers is fortunate to have an in-office CT scanner so that you don’t have to spend time making a trip to a diagnostic center.

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