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Is Your Chronic Sinus Pain Becoming Harder to Get Rid Of?

Is there anything you can do?
I need relief

Is Your Chronic Sinus Pain Becoming Harder to Get Rid Of?

Is there anything you can do?
I need relief


You’ve been having painful symptoms like chronic congestion, sneezing, and facial pain. You’ve tried treatments like medication and home remedies, but nothing gives you long-lasting relief. Capitol Breathe Free offers treatments for all types of sinus pain that will bring you lasting relief.
HAVE YOU GOTTEN USED TO your sinus pain?
Our patients have often been living with their symptoms for so long that they no longer realize how it’s affecting their lives. Take our sinus quiz to find out.
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Balloon Sinuplasty PROVIDES LONG-TERM sinus pain relief
Have you been suffering with chronic congestion and stuffy nose? Does it seem like you always have a sinus infection? Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure done right in the office of Capitol Breathe Free. It gently opens the sinuses to bring you lasting relief without a long recovery period or painful side effects.
Will Balloon Sinuplasty help me?
life-long relief from allergy pain IS POSSIBLE
Often, people don’t realize that their allergies don’t just have to be a way of life. Capitol Breathe Free utilizes allergy drops (immunotherapy) to bring lasting relief from certain allergies. Are you a candidate?
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"Run don't walk to see Dr. Khanna. Hands down one of the best doctors ever!"

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"Really liked him, great bedside manner, very personal, caring, direct and informative. Takes time to explain everything and options. Would highly recommend him."

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"Dr. Khanna has excellent bedside manners and he listens. He goes out of his way to assist his patients. He is honest with his patients if he has to make referral."

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"Dr. Khanna is intelligent, respectful and genuine. He's always up-to-date on the latest medical breakthroughs. Me, my husband and daughter are all patients of Dr. Khanna, and always will be."

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"I came in with an unending sore throat, and was in to see the Doctor and left with a diagnosis in record time. Dr. Khanna and his staff were professional and efficient. I will definitely come back if I have any other sinus issues and highly recommend."

- S.S.

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