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Your sinuses keep you healthy!

The sinuses are open spaces in your skull around and behind your eyes and nose.  They function to humidify the air we breathe and to remove harmful particles like dust, bacteria and viruses before the air reaches your lungs.  The sinus cavities and passages are lined with mucous membranes that secret a sticky fluid (mucus) that traps the foreign particles.  The fluid drains out of the cavities through the open passageways.


If you suffer from sinus issues like pressure, pain, congestion, and post-nasal drip, you know how miserable it can be.  And if you can’t seem to stay free of these symptoms, your life can be seriously compromised. Sinusitis is usually to blame.

Sinusitis occurs when the mucous membranes lining your sinus cavities and sinus passages become inflamed and swollen, blocking the normal airflow and drainage. Allergies and their symptoms may also complicate sinusitis.  As mucus builds up and stagnates in the sinus cavities, an ideal breeding ground is created for bacteria and viruses which then can lead to a sinus infection.  The misery continues.

Diagnosing Sinus Problems - Common signs and symptoms of sinusitis include:

  • sinus headache
  • facial tenderness or swelling
  • pressure or pain in the sinuses
  • pressure or pain in the ears and teeth
  • feeling of nasal stuffiness
  • post nasal drip
  • cloudy or discolored nasal discharge
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • occasionally, fever

If your symptoms are severe, last for more than 7 days, or are unrelieved by home treatments, come in to see Dr. Khanna for evaluation.  Depending on his findings, he may recommend a course of antibiotics or other prescription medications.

CT Scanning

If Dr. Khanna needs a CT scan to identify specific nasal or sinus structures, we can perform a scan conveniently during your visit.  Unlike other medical offices, Capitol Breathe Free Sinus and Allergy Centers is fortunate to have an in-office CT scanner so that you don’t have to spend time making a trip to a diagnostic center.

Dr. Khanna uses in office CT scanning to help in pinpointing sinusitis.

Treatingsinus problems

Historically, people who suffered with persistent sinusitis were limited to two treatment options: medication therapy or aggressive sinus surgery.  Advances in treatment technology have now given you another, more successful option.  It’s a brief treatment that can be performed in our office, and it does not require cutting or tissue removal.

It’s called Balloon Sinus Dilation (Balloon Sinuplasty).
Depending on the precise cause of your sinus problems, you may have the opportunity to benefit from this innovative, minimally invasive office procedure that delivers immediate and long-lasting relief.1

Balloon sinuplasty lets you enjoy breathing easy again with these benefits:1

Balloon Sinuplasty provides lasting relief from sinusitis.
  • Convenience – typical procedure lasts about an hour
  • Comfort – performed in our office with local anesthesia
  • Effectiveness – a long-lasting solution for the main cause of sinus problems: blocked sinus passages
  • Rapid Recovery – patients return to normal activity in 1-2 days, with many going back to work the next day!

How Does Balloon Sinuplasty Work?

Balloon dilation restores the drainage and airflow that keep your sinuses healthy and functioning normally.

  • Dr. Khanna gently inserts a catheter with a small balloon into the treatment area.
  • The balloon is inflated for 5 seconds to open and reshape the sinus passages.
  • The balloon is then deflated and removed.
  • By opening the sinus passages, normal drainage and function is restored.
Balloon sinus dilation helps open clogged sinuses to give you relief.

What kind ofresultscan i expect?

Many patients experience relief immediately after the balloon is removed.  After returning home, they find they can breathe better, sleep better, and enjoy a better quality of life with more activity and improved family time.  Most patients feel it was the "Best thing I ever did,” and wish they had done it sooner.

Listen to what Vernon has to say:

Balloon Sinuplasty can be a Real Solution to Sinus Problems, Not Just a Treatment!

Find Out if You Are a Candidate for this Advanced and Remarkable Procedure.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Evaluation for Relief!

what our patients are saying...

Run don't walk to see Dr. Khanna. Hands down one of the best doctors ever!

- L.S.

Dr. Khanna is an excellent doctor. He is highly skilled and professional.

- K in Alexandria, VA

Dr. Manish Khanna is very patient listener and he takes the time to listen to your issue. You never feel you are rushed and he would explain everything in details but make it so simple so you really understand everything.

- Puja in Alexandria, VA

Caring, considerate, listens, spend quality time with you and explains everything so I could understand it. Really liked him and glad I chose him. Would highly recommend him.

- Ruth in Oxon Hill, MD

Really liked him, great bed-side manner, very personal, caring, direct and informative. Takes time to explain everything and options. Would highly recommend him.

-  Patient

Dr. Khanna has excellent bedside manners and he listens. He goes out of his way to assist his patients. He is honest with his patients if he has to make referral.

-  Patient

Dr. Khanna is extremely knowledgeable and caring. In my opinion he is the best ENT doctor in NOVA. He listens to his patients, recommends treatments and then reviews all other alternatives. It is a comfortable feeling to know that your doctor is always there for you and Dr. Khanna is! Dr. Khanna also has staff who are caring and responsive.

-  Patient

Outstanding friendly doctor and staff. He was very friendly and didn’t rush me at all. Everything is digital. The appointment scheduling and patient forms. They have coffee and chocolate. Couldn’t be a better experience.

-  J.B.

Dr. Khanna is intelligent, respectful and genuine. He's always up-to-date on the latest medical breakthroughs. Me, my husband and daughter are all patients of Dr. Khanna, and always will be.

- B.A.

I came in with an unending sore throat, and was in to see the Doctor and left with a diagnosis in record time. Dr. Khanna and his staff were professional and efficient. I will definitely come back if I have any other sinus issues and highly recommend.

- S.S.

My visit with Dr.Khanna was nothing short of amazing! His bedside manner was excellent and he took the time to explain everything in detail. I love the fact there was a CT scanner in office so I didn't have to leave and then come back for another appointment everything was looked at my first visit. I recommend him and his office to everyone!!!

- B.L.

I have been to several ENT Dr's throughout the country and this is by far my favorite office! The paperwork for new patients was done online (very simple even if you aren't tech savvy) so you don't have to show up early to fill everything out. They got me right into the examination room. The staff was amazing and making sure you are comfortable. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Khanna took his time to explain everything in depth, using visuals to help me understand what he was seeing and saying. He didn't just throw around a bunch of big words that I didn't know. I will be traveling to from NY to DC to go here for all ENT issues. This is how impressed I was with their professional service. I highly highly highly recommend this office!

- B.B.